The Almost Nakey Archetypes

The Almost Nakey SS21 Collection is inspired by the dynamic female archetypes that create our world. Almost Nakey is brought to life by each of their characters and together, alll of their elements create a potion so seductive, so alluring- you can't look away.

They draw humanity toward them. They command the vibration of any room. They ooze love. They soak in beauty. They are mesmerizing. They are original in thought. They are the dreamers that act on inspiration. Our world is better because they have made their mark.

 Patrona Americana

The definition of freedom. She listens to no one. She lives by 1. rules are meant to be broken and 2. better to ask for forgiveness than permission. She knows her way around a ranch better than any cowboy. Hard Work is in her blood. Her horse is an extension of her. She can lasso a cowboy while he gallops away. She takes what she wants. Her fierce presence has enrolled everyone around her. She builds her legacy with confidence. Her ranch is protected by generations to come of her offspring. 


Filled with light. She is alluring, sweet, sticky, and radiant. You are transfixed by her. Down the rabbit whole you jump. You just follow the prize. Her voice. Her eyes. Her lips. Every part of her is covered in sugar. Your salivating. Chomping at the bit to touch her. She runs and you chase. Once you think you can’t run anymore, she lets you catch her. She is every mans dream girl. Powerful and alluring. She will never mislead you, but don’t be naive, she can’t just pick one.

Miss Worldwiide

Flashy and extravagant. Told she is extra but this only fuels her fire. Impossible to miss, she is usually dressed in a pink cowboy hat, studded boots, and matching 3 piece set. Men flock to her.  Women hustle just to be an acquaintance of hers. Surrounded by looky lous, fans, and admirers hoping to soak in her shine. To tap into her glimmer. To understand her natural born stardom. She feeds on the crowd like a popstar with a microphone at a sold out arena. Her celebrity is known internationally. Anywhere she goes instantly becomes the spot. Bloggers can’t get enough. She feeds the media like god multiplying fish.

Grace the Stallion
Her scent is hypnotizing. She walks into a bar and you instantly go weak to the knees. You lose your balance and then you're hooked. Her pheromones overwhelm you. If only you could liquify her and drink her. Stunning, sharp, and wise. She is never fooled by anyone. She watches, waits, and attacks at the right time. She is never presumptuous. She is calculated. She is Grace The Stallion. 
Stay tuned for the next Almost Nakey Archetype