Almost nakey freedom fest 2024 belmont park beach house plunge san diego



🗓️ SATURDAY JULY 6, 2023

⏰ 2:00PM - 10:00PM


 Belmont Park celebrates 99 years on the world’s most shining sea! 🎖️Calling all you freedom lovers that work hard all year to live the American dream. 🦅Let freedom ring on America’s Mount Ravemore! It's independence Day on God's green earth. 🗽 United we stand, ready to love each other as hard as we can. 





⭐️THE PLUNGE STAGE -  You have seen the majestic structure built in 1925 holds San Diego’s most iconic pool, which turns 99 years old this year. Almost Nakey x Maktive team will turn this swimming extravaganza into a yuma tent. Clear decking will cover the water, lighting will emerge from the waters below, and a massive stage will be built inside. The roof opens to unveil sun shining from heavens above us. 

⭐️MOUNT RAVEMORE STAGE -  Our founding fathers said it best - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… on the hot sandy shores of God’s greatest coast. Prepare yourself for a mega mainstage at Beach House. Last year you saw that LED walled American flag. This year, hold onto your american flag bikini, jorts, and ur new Almost Nakey crush. 

⭐️THE WHITE HOUSE STAGE - inside Beach House perched on a golden hill, the silent disco stage of your dreams allows you to enter a vortex of pure freedom. 


VIP Terrace - You worked hard all year - now it’s time for private lounges, bars pouring it up just for u + ur red, white, and boo thangs. Coaster Terrace overlooks Beach House main stage. VIP includes lounge + private bars + VIP entry. 

VIP Cabanas & VIP Tables - email - these will go fast & I promise, you want this to be you. We will have bottle service programs at both main stages. 

Dress Code - American Flag bikini tops, cowboy hats, bedazzled american flag tank tops, belly rings, & jorts are safe ground here. 

Donation to Wounded Warrior Foundation -  Percentage of your ticket sales to support the veterans that fight for our country to keep it free and keep us raving. God bless our active forces + vets.

PRICES WILL GO UP 🎟️ THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT 🎟️ As a ticket holder to The Almost Nakey Freedom Fest, your face will be carved into Mount Ravemore forever. This makes you a founding father of this great birthday party, congratulations! 


🎟️ Mount Ravemore 4 Pack - 4 Total Tickets 

SAVE $40 when you buy 4! 

May you + your 3 beautiful besties' faces become memorialized in Mount Ravemore forever, as you step into the Almost Nakey home of the free land of the brave. Bigger than ever before, you are committed to the freest day into night of your life. Now, hold tight and ride that thang all night long. 

4 Pack includes 4 GA tickets - follow next steps to attach names and emails to individual tickets.

Each ticket holder in your 4 pack will have a unique QR code that can only be scanned once at check-in. This is a 21+ event. 

🎟️ Uncle Sam’s Golden Ticket - VIP Pass

You have achieved the American dream. Now, upgrade yourself to your own private lounge, bars pouring it up just for you while you are galavanting inside Almost Nakey, home of the free land of the brave. Bigger than ever before, you are committed to the freest day into night of your life. Now, hold tight and ride all night long.

Included: Private terrace, lounges, private bars with no lines. Drinks are not included.

Your ticket has a unique QR code that can only be scanned once at check-in. This is a 21+ event.

Need to transfer your ticket to someone else? Transfers on tickets are available at when you log into you account. 

Sponsors / Artists / Creators - If you are interested in activating, please email

This is 21+ event. No Refunds. IDs are required for entry. Rain or shine.

For ticketing support email


Bag Policy: Belmont Park and Beach House have a bag policy - While we strongly encourage guests not to bring any bags. The following will be allowed into the venue: small clear bags, non-clear bags that do not exceed 4.5" x 6.5." Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: coolers (unless medically necessary), briefcases, non-clear backpacks, non-clear fanny packs, diaper bags (unless medically necessary), non-clear cinch bags, non-approved seat cushions* (unless medically necessary), luggage of any kind, computer bags and camera or binocular bags or any non-clear bag larger than the permissible size (4.5" x 6.5")

Medical equipment: Exceptions will be for all medically necessary items after proper inspection by the security team.

Friendly Reminders: Cashless Policy, Please Uber and Lyft, No outside food and beverage allowed into the venue, Please remember that this event will take place rain or shine, No re-entry, No refunds, & Ticket holders hereby acknowledge and voluntarily assume the risk of injury, loss or damage arising out of or relating to the attraction. Management reserves the right to deny admission to anyone. Failure to follow rules may result in ejection.

If you have any questions, please reach out to or DM @almostnakey

🛣️ Life is a highway and you want to ride it all night long. You are granted freedom inside Almost Nakey Freedom Fest. That same freedom you felt when you popped out of your mom. Like anything is possible.