SS21 Fine Art Original Collection

SS21 Fine Art Original Collection

Almost Nakey is a world where you can become your fullest expression. You are free to fall into yourself. 

In this world, boring clothes no longer exist. Every day is happening in real time. There is no “maybe next year.” 

Almost Nakey is the fulfilment of a dream where we stop doing what makes us feel dead and dedicate ourselves to our truest form of living shape. 

It is time we all peel the thin film back from our eyeballs. Now,  we become a reflection of our desires.

The Almost Nakey SS21 Collection showcases fine art original pieces. Each upcycled vintage item has been individually hand picked by Liv for this collection. Each piece is hand detailed in La Jolla, Ca at Almost Nakey HQ by Liv. This means that all of these pieces are unique and cannot be replicated. 



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