Plush Pink Pom Disco Top

Plush Pink Pom Disco Top

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💗Glitter Disco Tops💗
Howdy angels! I had a dream of these magical pieces and was determined to make one for myself. NOW, I get to see my vision come to life. I can’t believe they have already sold out. This is great news because now I can take orders and deliver to you in 2 weeks 🥰
These tops are incredible because the crystals are heat pressed at 510 degrees. MEANING THEY WILL NEVER FALL OFF- the ocean, Splash (me in the face) House, Coachella, you name it! This is the same process that an amazing woman who makes costumes for Lady Gaga uses.
Handmade by me at Almost Nakey HQ in La Jolla, CA. I sourced all of the materials from LA & the tassels came from my favorite interior  designers studio in LA.
**Allow 2 weeks for delivery- ALL MADE TO ORDER. Once you purchase, I will contact you so please use your information.**
  • Small: 32A-36A (Shown in image) 
  • Medium: 32B-36B
  • Large: 32C-36C
  • Tie allows for adjustments & makes top easy to fit 

The Vintage Collection is inspired by the dynamic female archetypes that create our world. Almost Nakey is brought to life by each of their characters and together, alll of their elements create a potion so seductive, so alluring- you can't look away.

They draw humanity toward them. 

They command the vibration of any room. 

They ooze love. 

They soak in beauty. 

They are mesmerizing. 

They are original in thought. 

They are the dreamers that act on inspiration. 

Our world is better because they have made their mark.

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