THE Almost Nakey Shirt for EVERYONE

THE Almost Nakey Shirt for EVERYONE

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The BEST SHIRT EVER for EVERYONE. This Almost Nakey T-shirt is as TAP as it gets- the brains that went into this include Christian Zvetina, Player Dave & Austin.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in LA
  • Printed in LJ 
  • skip is wearing an XL

The Vintage Collection is inspired by the dynamic female archetypes that create our world. Almost Nakey is brought to life by each of their characters and together, alll of their elements create a potion so seductive, so alluring- you can't look away.

They draw humanity toward them. 

They command the vibration of any room. 

They ooze love. 

They soak in beauty. 

They are mesmerizing. 

They are original in thought. 

They are the dreamers that act on inspiration. 

Our world is better because they have made their mark.